08 November, 2005


Chiranjeevi agrees to ask Cola firm to withdraw ad
Staff Reporter
VIJAYAWADA : Film actor Chiranjeevi has agreed to ask Coca Cola (India) to withdraw the `Thums Up truth challenge' advertisement in response to a request made by Jana Vignana Vedika (JVV).
Organisation's general secretary T.V. Rao, president V. Lakshmana Reddy and vice-president Jampa Krishna Kishore in a statement here on Tuesday said that the actor responded to a JVV representation which annexed signatures of 100 scientists.
The film star was requested to withdraw his `endorsement' to soft drinks that were causing several health problems to consumers.
The JVV leaders said that the actor faxed to the company his letter withdrawing endorsement to the advertisement.
A copy of the representation signed by scientists was faxed to Coca Cola (India) also, they said.
When contacted, Chiranjeevi's close relative and film producer Allu Aravind said the actor sent his letter to the company with regard to the advertisement.