17 November, 2006

Child sexual abuse

Some alarming facts about Child Sexual Abuse (CSA):

(From TULIR website)

Statistical data from available research and reported incidents (from children and adult survivors) clearly indicates that child sexual abuse is a widespread problem affecting an extremely large number of children in the country.

Child sexual abuse occurs in all social and economic classes of society.

The majority of abusers are known to the child and are often in positions of trust and power vis-à-vis the child. Example: Family, relatives, neighbours, teachers etc.
Most children are sexually abused inside their own homes, as abusers have the trust of children and their families and access to their homes.

All children(girls and boys) are vulnerable to sexual abuse. Research has proven that differently able children are in fact more likely to be abused because of their increased vulnerabilities.

Children do not lie or weave stories about being sexually abused. The pressure to remain silent to uphold distorted concepts of honor and respect is immense. Also, children in our society are kept ignorant of sex and the possibility of abuse. Given these two facts the child is not lying when he/she relates an incident of sexual abuse.

Children can never initiate sexual abuse. Terming a child's behavior "seductive" is an adult justification, projection and misinterpretation.

Abusers are seldom mentally ill; on the contrary they are "regular" people who lead "routine" lives

Though most of abusers are men, a small number of women also abuse children sexually.

In most reported cases the abuser is not physically violent but uses emotional manipulation to coerce the victim.

Usually nobody is aware that the child is being sexually abused.

Child sexual abuse usually has harmful effects and can lead to behavioral, emotional, physical and interpersonal problems.

If child sexual abuse is not reported then the same abuser may harm other children or may target the same child again. There is very often a pattern to abuser's behaviour. They usually repeat their behaviour and with many children as well.

Children of any age can be abused. Reported incidents show that even infants have been sexually abused.

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heidifleur said...

all is fair and well when a child says he or she is being sexually abused but what about the children being cohearsed by their parents? people are being wrongfully convicted for child sexual abuse?

The Eternally Confused... said...

Tch, another of those problems which will take a long long time coming out of the closet.

Depressing but true... I am reading this blog close after I read a post about Men being abused by their wives who have a gall of then registering harassment cases against them :O

What is this world coming to? Is anything that man/woman today hold sacred!