02 December, 2007

Birds of same feathers meet on Dec. 9th

(Updated with venue details)

First a brief introduction about TMAD (To Make A Difference): They are a group of young people who are committed indeed To Make A Difference in the lives of hapless people.

TMAD started as a group of volunteers in Hyderabad, but now has active members in Bangalore, Chennai, the USA, Nellore and other places also. The person behind this movement is Prasanti who firmly believes "When you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it". A look at their projects - completed and current (Note: The website is still under construction and a few pages are yet to be added): http://tomakeadifference.net/Projects.html

If you are impressed and interested, you too can join them To Make A Difference.

To join TMAD, one must:

* have interest in doing something to the society
* be ready to spend at least one weekend for the group work in a month

After joining,

* Subscribe to one or more subgroups of your interest (Medical, Education, etc.)
* Participate in monthly meetings
* Contribute money* and/or time and/or effort
* Share opinions, come up with suggestions by participating in mail discussions.

TMAD members are meeting the coming Sunday ie, 9th Dec. This is a meeting with members from like-minded groups. If you want to attend the meeting, please contact

prasanthi [dot] uppalapati [at] gmail [dot] com

before Dec. 4th.

Meeting details:

Venue and Timings:

Venue: Floor No 2, Taxila Training Hall, Mariner Block, Ascendas IT PArk, Hitech City (Should bring ID card). Those who are working can bring their company ID card. Others can bring Voters card, Ration card, Driving License or anything that gives the identity.

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm (We request all participants to be there at the venue by 9:30 am).

Strict Guideline: Those who are ready to be there all day long only should come. We will not give any reservation to anyone.

It would be a day long meeting. We request you all to mark the entire day. Incidentally this is Anti-Corruption Day.

Note: Meals and snacks will be arranged.


Individuals and groups who are interested to spare at least two days in a month for social work activity and who, as of now, does not have one particular area to concentrate on. Most importantly who believe in co-operation and bringing our work to a next level.


Every participant should come up with their profile in the following details:

Name, Qualification, Employment/Designation, Email and Phone Number
Inspiration to do social work: 1 or 2 incidents or persons
Most unforgettable experiences: 1 or 2
Area of interest in social work:
Your views on likeminded groups’ forum and meeting.
If member of any groups, give the group’s name, aim, URL and any other useful information.

For groups, one person from the group should explain about the group, aim, objectives, past and current activities and future projects.

For the members of the groups who visited different orphanages, old age homes etc., please come up with all the details that you have about these institutions and their requirements and the kind of support that you expect for your efforts.


Introduction, Welcome/Ice-breaking Speech: 10 minutes

First Session: 1 ½ hour

To know about the interest and views of each participant with respect to social work and also of the participant groups.

Second Session: 1 ½ hour

To identify areas of common interest and to discuss on each topic in the six hat method. (All the six hats are not considered; the purpose is to let everyone on the same page when they think on an aspect.)

Third Session: 1 ½ hour

To know about different organizations and orphanages that the participants visited. (Brief description of 5 to 10 minutes about each organization)

Meanwhile we will have 10 minute breaks. We can have jokes and songs. Participants can exhibit their talent. We will be more than happy if the selections are related to the topics of discussion.

There would be a 10 min briefing from a group about human values and how we can develop the humanity in us and how we can be of good individuals.

Outcome: 1 hour

At the end of the day we should come up with a plan of action on the way we co-operate and co-ordinate with others. May be like any other formal meeting we will come up with a 10 point agreement sort of thing. In simple words, conclusion of the meeting agreed by all the participants.

Lunch Break: 1 hour

Snack Break: 15 min

Photos: 15 min


Meeting should start on time.
Every participant should value the time and speak on what we are supposed to talk.
No one should object and contradict others’ views. We should be good listeners.


We request participants to bring their laptops if they own one. This is to enable any of your friends who are not located in Hyderabad to participate virtually.

Expected Count:

We are expecting a minimum of 50 members and maximum of 100 members.


Please understand the urge behind organizing this meeting. Completely co-operate and confirm your participation. Own this meeting.

We can assure that every participant will be happy to meet so many likeminded people, inspiring experiences and leave with a renewed commitment and hope.

Measure of Success:

Every participant should feel happy
Pledge to continue this kind of meetings
Come up with a date for next meeting

Last but not the least:

Please confirm your participation at least by Dec. 3rd. We once again request members to co-ordinate with your groups and come up with a consolidated list from each group.

Mail to: Prasanthi, prasanthi[dot]uppalapati[at]gmail[dot]com

Disclaimer: This meeting is strictly for people who spare/willing to spare two days a month for social work.
* Those who contribute money to TMAD can rest assured that each rupee they send is spent for the cause. Not a single paisa is spent on commuting or administrative charges. Volunteers bear the charges.

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