08 March, 2006

Holi (Holy?)

Holi - the festival of colours is round the corner. Is it THE most popular festival of India? It seems so. Lately, it has become immensely popular. In India, basically festivals are of two types:
1. Which commemorate a religious event (like killng of Narakasura-Dipavali, etc). These are limited to a particular RELIGION
2. Which are related to seasons (onset of monsoon-Eruvaaka and reaping of harvest in Rabi-Sankranti). These are limited to a particular REGION.

Holi seems to be one festival celebrated with much brouhaha across all regions and religions. In celebrating Holi, there is no sense of piousness (piety?) that is so predominant in other festivals. Only jubilation and celebration is present. This is an occasion for many to release their pent-up emotions. And they utilise it to the fullest extent. They can always play mischief and some youthful pranks. They feel that they can go around and drench just anyone in paint or water and daub colours on their body.

Visit Holi Hungama to know more about the festival.
Visit Kalranga to see Holi pictures.

Well, now something that I really want to tell you, seriously...

1. Ensure that the colours that you use are NON-TOXIC. (Making India Green)
2. Please don't block the roads.
3. Be careful not to spurt colors on the front glasses, windows or rear view mirrors of any vehicle.
4. Make sure that you don't play Holi with anyone against their wish, especially strangers....and PLEASE SPARE ME.



The Eternally Confused... said...

So isnt Holi Holy for you sir? And isnt Holi celebrated to commemorate the death of Demoness Holika? The celebration of the eternal love story of Radha Gopal?

Then why? Forget the stoic demeanor for a while and indulge in the colors for a change sir. It will do good 4 u!

kuffir said...

just discovered your blog. interesting enough to make me want to return. cheers!

త్రివిక్రమ్ Trivikram said...

Thank you, sir!